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Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP), Bankart, Procesiranje plačilnih instrumentov d.o.o., Ljubljana (hereinafter: the Company), holds economic copyright over the content of the website in the widest sense. Text, photos, illustrations, animations, maps, audio and video recordings, on-line applications etc. may not be copied, transcribed and distributed for commercial purposes without a written consent of the Company. The Act (ZASP, Articles 48, 49 and 51) permits the use or reproduction of copyrighted work based on the right of the public to be informed, for educational purposes and for illustration, quoting and referral as citations; however, the source (active internet link) and the author of the work have to be revealed. The ZASP (Article 50) permits the use and reproduction of copyrighted work in a limited number for private and non-commercial use.

The Company uses its best efforts to protect personal data of users and those on the website, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP). This means that the Company collects personal data only when the user submits them voluntarily thereby permitting collection, storage and processing of personal data. The Company undertakes to store and use collected data only for a period necessary to achieve the purpose of their collection. The Company shall forward the personal data of users to no other party, natural person or legal entity, unless Bankart has the obligation to submit such data to third parties based on the law. Companies rendering services to Bankart (e.g. preparation and execution of an award competition or website development) will be given access to data that is strictly necessary for the service rendering. Such companies have the obligation not to abuse the access to data and use the data exclusively to perform their work.

Bankart and authors of content on the www.Bankart.si website expect from users to respect the provisions and laws related to the protection of privacy, intellectual property rights and copyright. Action will be taken against any perpetrator of abuse and law violation.

The Company shall ensure in good faith and within its ability that the content published on the website is correct and up to date. However, Bankart does not exclude the possibility of errors in published contents. The information and content published on the website are for information purposes only and the Company takes no responsibility for their absolute accuracy.

The nature of the Internet and the Bankart website prevent control over content to which hyper-textual links are made from the website. Bankart therefore takes no responsibility for the content available to users via such links.

General notice to website visitors

I. General

You are hereby provided information on the protection of personal data in relation to the use of the website www.bankart.si and the embedded on-line form for sending and submitting messages, which is owned by Bankart d.o.o. (hereinafter: the Controller).

We are aware that the right to privacy is a fundamental human right and we respect the privacy of our customers. We treat personal data in a diligent, responsible and careful manner, in accordance with the regulations governing personal data protection in the Republic of Slovenia and in line with the internal regulations of Bankart d.o.o.

Your personal data provided upon a visit to our website or forwarded directly through the message form will only be made available to employees of Bankart d.o.o. and its subcontractor (website administrator) within the scope and for the purpose strictly necessary for exercising rights and obligations related to the received personal data. We undertake not to transfer, lend or sell personal data to third parties without prior notice and obtaining your consent.

We will maintain data integrity and confidentiality throughout the period of processing and prevent data loss or unintentional destruction. Your personal data will not be used for marketing or other purposes that would in any way be detrimental to the holder or another person involved or that would be contrary to the provisions hereof.

By using our website, you accept the General Terms and Conditions and this information on personal data protection and confirm that you have been informed of and agree to their application.

II. Data types and processing purposes

The following personal data are processed when you visit and use the website www.bankart.si:

The Controller processes personal data (purpose of processing):

The Controller applies appropriate technological and organisational measures to ensure personal data security.

III. Change and accuracy of data and the right to correction

Website visitors and users of the message form guarantee that the data submitted to the Controller are correct, accurate and true. The Controller may not be held liable for any consequence of the user submitting incorrect, inaccurate or false data.

IV. Period for keeping personal data

The Controller shall keep personal data in relation to the type of procedure and the legal grounds governing the operations and safekeeping of documents and archive material.

V. Information regarding the rights related to personal data protection

Upon your request and in accordance with the law, the Controller will provide all information related to your personal data being collected. Users who have agreed to the use of their personal data may object or prohibit the processing of their personal data at any time, either temporarily or permanently, unless it is against the law.

Data Protection Officer

The holder may address questions related to personal data protection and exercising of rights to the Data Protection Officer of Bankart d.o.o.:



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