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Expansion of Bankart services requires growth in the number of employees. Since its foundation to date, the number of employees has doubled, which testifies to the right orientation of the Company’s operations and the quality work of its employees. Bankart’s performance is underpinned by the strong determination to fulfil the vision of the Company. By providing high-quality and technologically most demanding services, it aims to become one of the highest quality international processing centres in the region.

Profiles that create Bankart

Bankart mainly brings together graduates of IT, computer science, Faculty of Organisational Sciences, electrical engineering, mathematics and other technical sciences.

Career development at Bankart

Bankart is an interesting and dynamic company offering unlimited opportunities for development and growth. We help employees to discover what they are capable of, and we encourage them to do what they knew not they were able to. Due to the fast development in the field of modern payment transactions, it is necessary to constantly undergo technical education, training and to deepen the technical, information and technological knowledge.

Bankart benefits for employees
A friendly, open and stimulating work environment enabling personal growth and well-being
Professional guidance for induction of new employees into the field of work and the work environment
Dynamic work in teams and project groups, because we are not afraid of new approaches and we welcome all innovative proposals
Education and training in various fields at home and abroad, because we are aware of the importance of investing in human resources
Rewarding success and innovativeness
Performance-based promotion, because we offer an appropriate system of motivation and selection of management personnel
Voluntary supplementary pension insurance, accident insurance and preventive medical examinations, because we do care for our employees
BankartSports Cultural Society, informal gatherings of employees to create a suitable organisational culture and atmosphere in the Company, because we are aware that there is life beyond the screen and keyboard
Work in a technologically advanced environment with state-of-the-art information technology, as we are aware that this is the only way for us to be able to exceed the expectations of the users of our services, owners and our business partners
Expectations from new colleagues
ability of logical reasoning
positive attitude
suitable education and know-how
readiness to engage in team work
dynamic nature
We provide services in six countries
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