Issuing comprises administration, planning and development of business applications and systems for managing cards and card accounts, card parameters for authorizations and other issuing systems as well as management of web interfaces in card operations.

Management of cards and card accounts

Management and development of new services in the framework of card ordering with all the data necessary for processing and additional services, implementation of changes to card data, management of card accounts for deferred payment cards, drafting of reports by issuer, development in the field of new requirements in the scope of preparing EMV data and PIN calculations, preparation of personalisation files for producing cards in a wide range of personalisation centres in the region.

Development of new solutions in the field of card business (geolocation restrictions, innovation limits, etc.).

Management of web service interfaces in the area of card operations

Management and development of web interfaces to support real-time changes in cards and card accounts. Ensuring the acquisition and modification of card data, card accounts and related services with immediate effect/implementation.

Management of card parameters in the field of authorisations and other card support systems

Administration of parameterisation of the authorisation system for suitable verification of authorisations for cards processed by Bankart after issuing, preparation and updating of the authorisation system with current authorisation data for cards (restrictions, limits, blockages, PIN, etc.). Determining the scope of card products, ensuring connection between cards and card/transaction accounts.

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Bankart provides its banks – users of its services technologically perfected and technically advanced support for card issuing and card account management. Competitive processing centres are envious of our quality of service, high-tech solutions and a fast response to our customer’s requests.

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