Payment Systems and Services

The field of payment systems includes planning, development and management of modern payment systems for the execution of instant payments, credit payments and direct debits, characterised by a high level of security, efficiency and reliability of operation at low processing costs for participants.

Development and management of payment-related services

By developing and managing payment-related services, we support banks in providing additional services that enable end users more efficient and simpler payment, and provide the best user experience in the field of payments. Solutions are designed with a vision that saves user the time or facilitates the adoption of decisions related to payments between accounts.

Payment system management

This area covers the management of payment systems that enable the execution of instant payments, credit payments and direct debits in accordance with the SEPA schemes. Bankart’s payment systems enable the clients of banks participating in these systems to ensure reliable and cost-effective execution of transactions according to uniform standards and conditions defined by SEPA, both between participants as well as across borders.


Transparency of payment systems
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In recent years, banks have faced many challenges – they are competing with non-bank providers, they have to meet the requirements of new regulations, and cope with the changing client habits and expectations. They have to provide clients the simplest, most reliable, secure and user-friendly method of using and ordering complex banking services. At Bankart, we are happy to be able to help banks with all of the above and we support them with our solutions, services and expertise.

Matic Dolar, Head of Payment Systems and Solutions
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