We process and manage modern payment instruments.

Processor of "multi issuing" and "multi acquiring" card operations
Processor of the POS network
Processor of the ATM network
We are an integrated platform based on critical payment infrastructure. We simplify new complexities by enabling access to the evolving transactional ecosystem.
Market vision
An open, connected, digital landscape in which payments are an integral part of our everyday lives.
Facts testifying to our trustworthiness
ATM operations

We control and manage the ATM network. We have been continuously developing technological and technical solutions for the ATM network for members and other users, while providing, in technological terms, both ATMs and software solutions related to their functioning. Our goal is to provide security, compliance and a high level of reliability of the functioning of the infrastructure, and to develop the service part for end users which can be marketed by banks to their clients.

Card service processing

Bankart controls and manages the POS terminal network and provides services of issuance of various domestic and international card products for commercial banks and savings banks. We constantly develop technological and technical solutions for the functioning of the entire infrastructure for card product acquiring as well as issuing.

SEPA Payment Systems

Bankart manages payment systems for SEPA transaction processing, thus enabling the execution of both domestic and cross-border instant payments, credit transfers and direct debits.

E-Invoice System processing

The establishment of the E-Invoice System at Bankart allows for the exchange of invoices between the senders and recipients of invoices in the electronic form. The uniform E-Invoice System allows the banks’ clients and the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (UJP) to efficiently exchange electronic documents. The establishment of the E-Invoice System brings considerable savings in the handling and postal costs, simplifies the existing invoice exchange processes in companies and receipt by consumers, while also facilitating environmentally friendly operations.

About us
We employ more than two hundred highly qualified professionals.
Managing director
Aleksander Kurtevski
Managing director
Tomaž Borštner
Partners who,
co-shape the future of banking with us.
Bankart d.o.o. is one hundred percent owned by banks.

Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. 46,03%

Nova KBM d.d. 29,22%

SKB d.d. 13,84%

Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d. 7,25%

Unicredit Banka Slovenija d.d. 2,24%

Deželna banka Slovenije d.d. 1,42%

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E-Invoice System
Transparency of Card Settlement PS
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Transparency of payment systems
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