This business area comprises the processing of ATM and POS transactions on the acquiring side in Bankart systems, and the development of technical and technological solutions in the field of terminals and card systems.

Management of ATMs and POS terminals

Processing of ATM and POS transactions, management and control of ATM and POS networks, development of solutions in the field of ATM and POS operations.

Management of merchant accounts

Processing and handling of POS and ATM financial transactions in the CMS system, managing merchant accounts, developing solutions in the card system on the acquiring side.

Back-office processing of ATM and POS transactions

Processing and handling of ATM and POS transactions in back-office systems for the needs of settling ATM transactions, preparing data for the card system and preparing statistical reports for POS and ATM transactions for banks and merchants.

Facts testifying to our trustworthiness

The payment services market has been changing – traditional ATMs and POS terminals are facing a new test. New technologies are booming and clients expect to be offered modern payment services at every step. At Bankart, we follow the requirements of the market, banks and their users in the field of accepting payments and we are creating new solutions and services in cooperation with banks.

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