Why Bankart

High reliability, availability and business security

Bankart provides a high level of reliability, availability and quality of services, as evidenced by the high level of compliance with prescribed mandates and standards.


Our main focus is also the development of new technologies for conducting (card) payments, the development of new services in the field of card business or the development of services that reduce the costs of the existing card operations of the bank.

A high level of compliance with mandates and standards

We pay a lot of attention to compliance with mandates prescribed by MasterCard, VISA and the PCI DSS standard. We regularly follow novelties in this field to ensure compliance and timely prepare a plan to achieve compliance in a given area by the deadline prescribed by the mandate. We make sure that banks we are cooperating with are informed of all upcoming mandates, the measures provided by Bankart and the decisions which a bank has to adopt due to a future mandate.

Commitment to secure card operation

As part of ensuring compliance with the PCI DSS, we have established a series of physical, technical and administrative controls that enable the safe operation of cards. This also enables us to quickly meet other requirements of other regulators (EC, local requirements) regarding the maximum security of card operations. Our solutions enable banks to simply ensure compliance with the PCI DSS standard. By using tokenisation and other methods, it is possible for banks not to store confidential information in the banking information environment.

Early detection and prevention of fraud

Bankart is using a technical tool to monitor and prevent fraud of cards operating in NRT mode (near real time) and RT mode (real time), which allows the rejection of suspicious transactions at the time of authorisation. In addition, we can also provide human resources that are proficient in monitoring and preventing card fraud, insofar as the client or the bank needs them.

Other competitive advantages of Bankart
200 highly qualified experts
Stability in the present and looking to the future
Flexibility and responsiveness to banks
Price competitiveness
Number of transactions over the years.
Number of transactions in millions
We help our customers achieve better results.
We provide services in six countries
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we will call you back.
We care for the satisfaction of our customers.

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