Business cooperation Rekono and Bankart

Rekono and Bankart will cooperate hand in hand in the marketing and further development of solutions with the common goal to digitalise operations. Today, they already enable comprehensive and reliable remote verification of identity, remote signing with a user-friendly interface and secure access to online services anywhere and at any time, whether you are in the banking, insurance, telecommunication or any other industry. With over 200 highly qualified experts, such cooperation of the two companies, with their stable and future-oriented operation, means a safe decision for you. As the same time, their flexibility and responsiveness enables quick and simple implementation of these services.

The needs for robust, reliable, secure and user-friendly digital identities are rapidly growing around the world. In these days, when the operations of companies and the functioning of the society as a whole is changing profoundly, this matter is more topical and of higher priority than ever before.

The companies Rekono and Bankart have therefore joined their efforts, knowledge and energy, and announced their intent to cooperate in the area of comprehensive remote identification solutions and trust services for e-transactions. The business cooperation includes marketing of electronic identification and authentication services, remote e-signature services and other trust services for electronic transactions. It brings considerable advantages to all who wish to operate digitally by default and offer their customers online services.

Let us briefly present some of them:

 Cost reduction – Introduction of a uniform system of identity management in your operations makes an end to the need for maintaining individual authentication systems and related solutions, which significantly reduces the costs.

Improvement and alignment of user experience – The introduction of uniform registration (SSO) can align and improve user experience in authentication and authorisation in all your systems and services (e.g. e-banks, e-insurance companies etc.).

Remote identification – In the scope of user identification procedure, in addition to the generally used and accepted methods of identification (physical identification, identification with certificates, identification with existing identities, such as banking identities), Rekono also enables remote identification and registration of employees at legal persons through an authorised person and video identification of users in three possible ways:

Trust services – Advanced and qualified electronic signature in the cloud (appropriate for all business activities, such as signing of contracts, requests and applications, opening of accounts etc.), secure e-serving, e-stamping, e-time stamping… The user signs the documents remotely electronically by using a qualified or advanced electronic signature, without the need for special hardware or software. The remote e-signature service enables the use of previously created existing Rekono identities when signing, so that no new identification is necessary.

Replacement for SMS OTP authentication – On 01/01/2021, the remaining requirements of PSD2 RTS will enter into force, prohibiting the use of card data as one of strong identification factors, which will directly affect 3D Secure authentication in online payments and registration in certain mobile applications. In both cases, SMS OTP authentication can be replaced by PUSH-SCA solution by Rekono, which is fully in compliance with the PSD2 RTS requirements.

System prepared for integration and federation of e-identities – The Rekono service enables unification and integration of e-identities and the relevant attributes with different identification systems and schemes, single registration system, good user experience and simple inclusion of new customers.

Connecting between industries – A uniform means of electronic identification, such as the Rekono account, enables providers of various services where verification is indispensable for performance to open the identification and authentication procedures to an external environment. This then enables creation of new services using the synergies between different branches.

Cross-border connecting – The Rekono service will enable recognition of foreign notified electronic identification schemes as soon as an interoperable point is established at the national level in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

Highest level of security – All services that the companies will market under the Rekono brand meet the highest requirements of the eIDAS Regulation, the EU legislation in this area (PSD2, AML/FT) and the national regulations (ZPPDFT-1, ZPlaSSIED…), as well as the legislation concerning personal data protection (GDPR, ZVOP) and information security (NIS Directive and ZInfV). All Rekono services are certified in accordance with the ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards. All cryptography operations are performed on hardware security modules with the highest certification levels (FIPS 140-2 Level3). Data integrity is ensured by using special tools.

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