Bankart Payment Gateway

“Bankart Payment Gateway” is a platform that enables merchants to integrate remote payments acceptance in their online or mobile store. The platform enables safe (compliant with PCI DSS, EMV 3DS, PSD2 RTS SCA) and user-friendly payment acceptance for online merchants with different payment instruments. By using modern technology, the platform offers a good user experience and a simple integration.

Platform features

Supports payments with different payment instruments:

Integration options:

Supports the acceptance of payments for many banks in the region:

Is compliant with all the relevant security standards:

Examples of use

Web store

In the checkout step, the possibility of payments with Mastercard, Visa, Diners and Flik payment instruments is integrated at a single point.

Mobile store

In many mobile applications, payments are not particularly user-friendly (entering card data, 3D Secure authentication etc.). With Flik, i.e. the use of “card on file”, the user experience can be significantly improved and the so-called “one-click shopping” can be introduced.

Payment with the loyalty card

Many merchants manage their loyalty programmes which are most often completely separated from the payment process, which makes the user experience less than optimal. Using our merchant platform, the payment can be integrated into the loyalty programme.

Wallet Top-up

In most cases, topping up the existing wallets on the market is not very user-friendly because the user has to enter either UPN or card data (PAN, validity, CVC2, 3D Secure). Our platform allows for automatic topping so that if necessary, the wallet itself can initiate the request for payment

Appearance of Bankart Payment Gateway

How can I start using Bankart Payment Gateway

The merchant will have to sign a service agreement with one of the acquiring banks. Please note that fees are determined by the bank, Bankart’s role is that of a technical provider. After the merchant signs up with one of Bankart’s client banks, the merchant will receive the login data and integration instructions.

Documentation and instructions


Guidelines for onboarding Flik merchants to Bankart’s payment gateway
pdf, 1.8 MB
Instruction for onboarding the card merchants into Bankarts Payment Gateway
pdf, 2.2 MB



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