Bankart became part of the ownership structure of Rekono

Bankart became part of the ownership structure of Rekono, which is offering certified services of electronic identification and trust service for electronic transactions.

Rekono, together with Bankart, is following their joint objective to establish cross-industry electronic identification platform, which will enable the providers of banking and financial sectors to develop and offer new, advanced products based on digital platforms, that are becoming essential for launching the services to clients within the framework of payments’ value chain and other digital banking services.

In the first half of 2020 we have joined forces with Rekono, with aim to proceed as partners in tackling the obstacles and in forming new services of the digital transformation. Based on identified potential and good partnership cooperation, on September 3, 2020, the contract was signed with which Bankart became part of the ownership structure of Rekono. This allows us to have unified approach to the market and to devise common strategy in the field of banking and financial sector, at the same time it enables Rekono, as a sectoral independent provider of digital services, so its solution can become the default choice for electronic identification and authentication of users of online banking services.

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