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You may not be aware of it, but you encounter Bankart processes every single day; by using plastic money, ATMs and self-service POS terminals, and by operating with special payment orders, payment orders, direct credits, direct debits, standing orders in cooperation with our Contact center, the number of which appears on an ATM screen for your assistance; we also install, service and maintain POS terminals … We’re always there, though you may not even notice us …


In 2009 Bankart joined other European clearing companies which process SEPA Credit Transfers. Bankart processes large numbers of SEPA compliant payment instructions. The infrastructure meets all SEPA requirements and is fully SEPA compliant according to the SEPA-compliance criteria defined by Eurosystem.


Self-Assessment of SEPA Compliance for Bankart in view of Eurosystem's Terms of Reference


Users of bank cards please read the basic rules for safe card operations!

  • 3.6.2014 Purchase in instalments

    In cooperation with different banks, Bankart is developing solutions enabling the clients of those banks to purchase in instalments


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